The 5 Secrets My Clients Use To Naturally Alleviate Their IBS-D
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  • Why our clients found that starving themselves on the FODMAP diet is NOT a good strategy for eliminating the root problem of IBS ...and the counterintuitive technique my clients use to start feeling better practically instantly!

  • How our clients that struggle leaving the house in the morning because of diarrhea arrive on time at work and for social functions ...and the secret that makes it happen practically overnight.

  • ...AND how they do  all of this while taking the roadtrip of their dreams without the fear of not finding a bathroom in time.

Jake Thurston

Jake is the founder and CEO of VItal Gut Health.  As a health coach and nutritionist he has worked with people all over the world to reverse the imprisoning disease of IBS-D.  His intensity and passion stems from the fact that he completely reversed the disease for himself after struggling with it his entire life.

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